Zero Utility (ZUT) x NFTSwaps Partnership.

NFTSwaps Team is pleased to announce our first partnership with Zero Utility (ZUT).

Zero Utility will be working with NFTSwaps Team to integrate and embed NFC chips in Physical SWAPS SOCKS. To get a SWAPS SOCKS with an embedded NFC shipped to you, you need to burn a SWAPS SOCKS NFT using the claim button on the SWAPS SOCKS Asset page.

Watch this video if you are interested in being among the SWAPS SOCKS initial minters: SWAPS SOCKS EXPLAINER

NFC technology allows users to store and access specific blockchain information on chips embedded into physical items.

ZUT is an NFT solutions-based company based in Wyoming, USA which comprises experts from various sectors from Web /Mobile Development, Visual Artists, and Blockchain technologists.

-Built the first NFT multi send, which is used industry-wide.
-First Dynamic Minter on Polygon Network. First Universal decentralized Dynamic Minter.
-First precious metal coins embedded with NFC technology.

What are dynamic NFTs?

ERC1155 NFTs are capable of storing data. When data on the blockchain interact with one another, the receipt of these exchanges can be used as verification to allow further functions. A dynamic NFT will respond to on-chain data in a decentralized and accountable manner. The utilities and implications are vast, in terms of ownership agreements, Peer to peer contracts, and secure data sharing.

The implication of this Partnership is simple, all Physical SWAPS SOCKS will be shipped with ZUT NFC chips embedded in them. This means this Physical SWAPS SOCKS ownership can be proved with a new dynamic NFT for the owner.

🔵 ZUT is a syndicate of artists, developers, and investors who believe a token with no utility can still have tremendous value through the community of which it represents. There are 1000 ZUT tokens. Only invest wisely!

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