$SWAPS holders — SWAPS SOCKS Snapshot Complete

Hello to the community!

Snapshot Block time: 6446390

Learn more About SWAPS SOCKS:


What just happened?

The $SWAPS snapshot was taken on, 3:00 PM, 04 April 2021.

Here is the list of addresses and their holdings:

There was a total of 183 Addresses that had more than 1000 $SWAPS excluding blacklisted addresses.

Circulating Supply of SWAPS SOCKS: 2297.

1897 circulating SWAPS SOCKS neglecting + 200 Admin SWAPS SOCKS + 200 SWAPS SOCKS for initial liquidity.

Batch one Whitelisted address:

32 Addresses can mint SWAPS SOCKS in Batch one. The List below;


Backlisted address:

These are all addresses associated with UniHax0r, Bear Games, pancakeswap contract, and Team lock contract. The list below,


The NFTSwaps team extends our gratitude to our community for their patience and participation leading up to the snapshot.

What’s next on the NFTSwaps timeline?

  1. The NFTSwaps DEX Contract code is done and uploaded to Github.
  2. NFTSwaps DEX front needs some final touches.
  3. Initial LOCK $SWAPS Program has begun in partnership with NFTPAD.
  4. NFTPAD platform Development begins in partnership with NFPAD.

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