$SWAPS holders — SWAPS SOCKS Snapshot Complete

Hello to the community!

We are excited to announce that the $SWAP token snapshot is now complete by 3:00 PM UTC! This post will outline the next steps and milestones — please read carefully.

What just happened?

The $SWAPS snapshot was taken on, 3:00 PM, 04 April 2021.

This was a one-time, during which the snapshot of mainnet SWAPS token holdings was taken on a wallet-by-wallet basis.

Here is the list of addresses and their holdings:


What’s next on the NFTSwaps timeline?

  1. The minting of Batch one SWAPS SOCKS for users holding their SWAPS in during the snapshot in personal wallets will begin next week.😒
  2. The NFTSwaps DEX Contract code is done and uploaded to Github.
  3. NFTSwaps DEX front needs some final touches.
  4. Initial LOCK $SWAPS Program has begun in partnership with NFTPAD.
  5. NFTPAD platform Development begins in partnership with NFPAD.

A Cross-chain and Permissionless Platform for swapping #NFT for better prices. Built on Join NFTSwaps Telegram Group ↪️ t.me/nftswap_io

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