NFTSwaps — $SWAPS token and Governance.

SWAPS is the primary token of the NFTSwaps platform. The primary functions of the $SWAPS token are to serve as the governance token for the NFTSwaps DEX and to provide broad exposure to the NFTSwaps ecosystem by returning transaction fees received by the NFTSwaps platform to SWAPS token holders by buying back and burning $SWAPS.‌

SWAPS Token Information.

Token Name: NFTSWAPS‌

Token Ticker: SWAPS‌

Precision: 18‌

Platform: Binance‌

Supply: 2,800,000 (2.8 million)‌

Token Contract Address: 0xc536462e5a9fdacd4f1008a91e7daba1374c0226.

SWAPS Token Distribution.

64.2857% Public Sale — 1,800,000 SWAPS‌

27% Initial Liquidity — 756,000 SWAPS‌

3.5714% one-year Farming — 100,000 SWAPS‌

1.5714% Marketing and Operations — 44,000 SWAPS‌

2.8571% Team — 80,000 SWAPS (locked for one month and vested for 12 months).‌

Maximum Supply: 2,800,000 $SWAPS

The NFTSwaps Team has to acquire more of their platform tokens by hustling.

Platform Governance.

The parameters of the NFTSwaps platform will be governed by the $SWAPS token holders. Here is what $SWAPS holders will be able to vote in order to decide at this phase of development:‌

  1. Percentage revenue of the NFTSwap DEX that will be recycled to $SWAPS holders by buying back and burning $SWAPS. Default — 80%.
  2. Requirements and Approval of project approval for listing.
  3. Requirements and Approval of project approval for yield farming.
  4. Team structure and marketing spend of platform’s resources.
  5. More to come.



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