NFTSwaps Final Development Update and Testnet Launch!

The NFTSwaps Team is in the final stages of building a safe NON-FUNGIBLE to FUNGIBLE DEX, we are happy to bring to you the Final Development(s) Updates — 05/05/2021. 23:20 UTC

NFTSwaps is proud to announce that Solidity.Finance audited NFTSwaps V1.01 Smart Contracts and has passed their safety checks.

You can view their full report here:

While we will likely do another audit, the current test version of the NFTSwaps platform has been hosted at You can monitor the progress there and through our Github.

Github Link:

While all functions are still undergoing testing internally, users are advised to test at their own risk as testing is done on the Binance Smart Chain Mainnet, and real Bnb/tokens/NFT are being used. Testing is open to all (if you care so much to use your money for this) and all bugs/complaints should be sent to

We could not test on the Binance Smart Chain testnet, as the current NFTSwaps smart-contracts use ChainLink to provide verified randomness to its Router contracts and ChainLink doesn’t work with the Binance Smart Chain Testnet.

Final Testing Day is scheduled for Tuesday, 11th May 2021. — This is the maximum allowance we need to execute all UI corrections, audit, and ensure all UI features of the NFTSwaps V1.01 platform works as intended with all web3 integrations in place.

Mainnet Launch is scheduled for Sunday, 16th May 2021.

Latoken Listing is scheduled for Thursday, 6th May 2021. All 100k Latoken $SWAPS has been sent to Latoken for staking, trading competition, and market-making.

For the token unlock schedule we are pleased to announce how we will be utilizing the unlocked tokens, while we lock them for one week and relock right after using 10-month vesting. We need one week to conclude whether or not we will be needing the tokens and ensure that we are not stranded if some are needed right on schedule for mainnet launch.

Lock transaction:

The NFTSwaps team is glad to announce an 80k $SWAPS Liquidity Mining program for SOCKSX and other partners’ NFT token representation on NFTSwaps mainnet.

A custom Liquidity Mining Contract where users can mine $SWAPS using SOCKSX and later 8 Partner NFT BEP20 token representation on NFTSwaps platform. 40k $SWAPS will be mined over 2 months using SOCKSX. 40k $SWAPS for all partners’ NFT token presentation (8 of them). 5k $SWAPS per partner token representation for 8 partners and each partner program lasts for 1 month from the time of each partner program launch.

Happy testing!!!

Stay tuned for mainnet coming ahead!!

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