NFTSwaps Development Update and SWAPS Token Unlock.

As we continue to work towards building a safe NON-FUNGIBLE to FUNGIBLE DEX, the NFTSwaps team is happy to bring to you another Weekly Development(s) Updates — 16/04/2021. 20:00 UTC

We’ve achieved some significant milestones during the last seven days Some of these milestones are stated below:-

  1. UI and UX redress.
  2. Erc20 factory.
  3. SWAPS SOCKS NFT contracts done.
  4. Contracts interacting with Pancakeswap (undergoing testings).
  5. RNG Tested today.
  6. Most of all frontend pages are done. (Basically, only UI touches left).
  7. Snapshot for SWAPS holders was taken
  8. NFTPAD LOCK $SWAPS program started.
  9. 428,656 SWAPS Locked in LOCK $SWAPS Contract.
  10. NFTSwaps joins Blockchain Game Alliance.


Batch one minting of SWAPS SOCKS (NFT) will start on platform launch after platform audits — ETA ~ 2 to 3 weeks.

144,989 SWAPS tokens for marketing, operations, and farming are scheduled to be unlocked on April 17th, 2021. The NFTSwaps team has decided to transparently share how we use the unlock tokens. 100,000 of the SWAPS unlocked for the ecosystem fund will also go directly into securing SWAPS listing on Latoken Exchange via staking, voting, and market-making. Leftover tokens will be vested for one year, unlocking equally every month.

However, to express our long-term commitment and vision for NFTSwaps the team token (2.8571% in total) is and continues to be locked up for one additional year.

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