Introducing initial $SWAPS LOCK Program in NFTPAD.

Locking $SWAP immediately after the SWAPS SOCKS snapshot, during an initial time window of one week, and will keep it locked till the NFTPAD platform launch, approximately one month from the snapshot time. You can only lock in multiple of 5,000 $SWAPS.

This program has begun and you can connect to Binance Smart Chain through Metamask to LOCK your $SWAPS using the link below 👇:

Min Lock: 5000 $SWAPS Max Lock: 15,000 $SWAPS

There are three 3 different whitelist allocations;

Tier 1: 5,000 $SWAPS Locked — 1 BNB Allocation.
Tier 2: 10,000 $SWAPS Locked — 2 BNB Allocation.
Tier 3: 15,000 $SWAPS Locked — 3 BNB Allocation.

The idea is to whitelist SWAPS holders who participate in this initial lock period for the PAD Seed Sale while keeping a vested interest in the NFTSwaps — NFTPAD partner ecosystem, introducing the LOCK $SWAPS page, and eventually rewarding the initial LOCK $SWAPS addresses long term.

Additional Reward: 20% of all NFTPAD’s NFT Drop fees will be distributed and available for withdrawal by initial addresses only.

Only those who own at least 10 $PAD tokens will be able to participate in NFTPAD’s NFT Drop Public Rounds. Holders holding at least 10 $PAD tokens can vote to approve NFTPAD’s NFT Drops in the future. Screening of projects will be done by the NFTSwaps — NFTPAD team, Advisors, and Partners for a start, in the future, it will be done by PAD voting on the launch of the voting portal. NFT Drops events or ideas will need a minimum-approve $PAD vote to be passed as a LIVE NFT Drop.

PAD BUY Back and Burn: There is a 5% fee from funds raised applied to every NFTPAD’s NFT Drop that reaches its soft cap, 50% of this fee is used to BUY Back and burn $PAD tokens and 30% of this fee goes to platform development, operations, and team.

FUTURE BENEFITS: as we acquire the resources to establish NFTPAD as a viable NFT Drop Launchpad platform for the long term, more benefits will be unveiled specifically for $PAD token holders.







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