Announcing NFTSwaps Governance Chat.

NFTSwaps Team is excited today to announce the public launch of SWAPS token permissioned telegram chat group that exists alongside the NFTSwaps Official group on Telegram. Approaching the launch of the NFTSwaps Mainnet, the NFTSwaps team believes the Governance Chat is a tool needed to shape a bright future for the NFTSwaps Non-Fungible to Fungible DEX. The NFTSwaps Governance Chat introduces interested members of the community into Token Permissioned Chat, which forms the foundation of the NFTPAD community curated NFT Launchpad feature.

How does this work?

To join the NFTSwaps Governance, one must hold at least 5000 $SWAPS tokens in their Binance Smart Chain Wallet. The NFTSwaps Team used the Collab.Land telegram bot built by the team to verify ownership of the $SWAPS tokens.

The NFTSwaps Governance Chat is a Token Permissioned Chat that allows the NFTSwaps Team to create an exclusive chat room for members who hold 5000 $SWAPS in their Binance Smart Chain Wallet.

Benefits of Joining NFTSwaps Governance Chat.

An array of benefits lies in stock for users joining NFTSwaps Governance Chat. This includes;

✅ Opportunity as pioneer users and investors via holding.

✅ It also includes long-term holding advantages that are synonymous with Cryptocurrency and Blockchain in their entirety.

✅ Ability to interact directly with Key-Stakeholders in the NFTSwaps Community.

✅ An Allocation in NFTPAD vested private sale.

✅ This is where early and ideas for improvements and proposals can be submitted for governance community feedback.

✅ Any member of this chat can write a proposal to the Governance Chat through and the whole of the Governance Chat and the whole group will discuss, the content of the proposals listed below;

  • Proposal Voting Period.
  • Telegram username of the member proposing.
  • Summary.
  • Motivation.
  • Cost of Implementation.
  • What does voting for and against the proposal mean?
  • Roles of Members of the Governance Chat in the proposal.
  • Poll.

Guide to Joining NFTSwaps Governance Chat.

  • Visit the link below from any Web browser 👇

Official Link 👉🏻:

  • You should receive a DM from the bot with a button to connect when:
  • Following an invitation, link to join a token permission group for the first time.
  • Select the Connect button.
  • Open and Copy the link that pops up when clicking the Connect Button.
  • Copy the link from your Device Browser.
  • After copying the long link, go paste it in a Dapp Browser like Metamask, Tokenpockets, Wallet Connect, Coinbase Wallet, Bitski and Roll.
  • Revisit the Link from A dapp browser and click on the dapp browser you are using to connect aka, connect to a wallet from a wallet dapp browser.
  • Click the Connect button on the dapp wallet browser popup, in this case Metamask.
  • Sign the transactions that come up after.
  • The dapp browser displays the following message as a pop up.
  • Screen to confirm you have verified your wallet from the dapp browser.
  • Back to the Collab.Land Bot Telegram DM, you will receive a link to join the NFTSwaps Telegram Chat.

🌎 Is there a website?

Sure! Here you go:

Where can I find the white paper?

📖 Check out the docs:

🧭 What’s the roadmap?

📰 Blog:

⚡Github Code:


👀 Telegram Group:

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