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NFTSwaps Team is excited today to announce the public launch of SWAPS token permissioned telegram chat group that exists alongside the NFTSwaps Official group on Telegram. Approaching the launch of the NFTSwaps Mainnet, the NFTSwaps team believes the Governance Chat is a tool needed to shape a bright future for the NFTSwaps Non-Fungible to Fungible DEX. The NFTSwaps Governance Chat introduces interested members of the community into Token Permissioned Chat, which forms the foundation of the NFTPAD community curated NFT Launchpad feature.

How does this work?

To join the NFTSwaps Governance, one must hold at least 5000 $SWAPS tokens in…


Fungibility is paramount in understanding a salient aspect of the blockchain. Anything that is 'fungible' clearly implies that it could be replaced by something similar.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are unique and cannot be interchangeable in any circumstances.

Tokens are viable elements in blockchain and the cryptocurrency sphere in their entirety. They are accessible in various forms and made for specific purposes. Non-Fungible Token abbreviated as NFT is a unit of data stored on the blockchain that certifies the uniqueness of a digital asset.

NFTs can be applied in various sectors such…

The NFTSwaps Team is in the final stages of building a safe NON-FUNGIBLE to FUNGIBLE DEX, we are happy to bring to you the Final Development(s) Updates — 05/05/2021. 23:20 UTC

NFTSwaps is proud to announce that Solidity.Finance audited NFTSwaps V1.01 Smart Contracts and has passed their safety checks.

You can view their full report here:

While we will likely do another audit, the current test version of the NFTSwaps platform has been hosted at You can monitor the progress there and through our Github.

Github Link:

While all functions are still undergoing testing internally, users are…

NFTSwaps Audit-Ready Codes.

Fasten your seat belts as we warm up for a great launch!!!

Development of the NFTSwaps platform has been completed and codes have been sent to different auditing films. Audit results should be out in a couple of days.

NFTswaps website has been re-designed with more user-friendly, easy-to-navigate features. The website also contains the latest happenings in SWAPS space like the Latoken Listing buttons which are to be functional after Latoken Listing.

In a few days, a “beta version” of the NFTSwaps platform titled “Testnet V1.01” will be uploaded for the community to test, review and contribute.

Nftswaps platform smart…

As we continue to work towards building a safe NON-FUNGIBLE to FUNGIBLE DEX, the NFTSwaps team is happy to bring to you another Weekly Development(s) Updates — 16/04/2021. 20:00 UTC

We’ve achieved some significant milestones during the last seven days Some of these milestones are stated below:-

  1. UI and UX redress.
  2. Erc20 factory.
  3. SWAPS SOCKS NFT contracts done.
  4. Contracts interacting with Pancakeswap (undergoing testings).
  5. RNG Tested today.
  6. Most of all frontend pages are done. (Basically, only UI touches left).
  7. Snapshot for SWAPS holders was taken
  8. NFTPAD LOCK $SWAPS program started.
  9. 428,656 SWAPS Locked in LOCK $SWAPS Contract.
  10. NFTSwaps joins Blockchain…

Blockchain4Africa Limited, NFTPAD, NFTSwaps will be collaborating with over 180 fellow Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) members, including Ubisoft, Matic, AnRKeYX, Non-Fungible, Web3 Foundation, e.t.c.

NFTSwaps will contribute to the mission of the Blockchain Game Alliance by being a cross-chain Non-Fungible — Fungible swaps platform.

NFTSwaps Platform V.01 platform is a cross-chain and permissionless protocol, users can tokenize their NFT Assets as long they are listed on NFTSwaps and in such a manner get NFT BEP20 Derivatives of their NFTs which can be tradeable on PancakeSwap the NFTSwaps UI.

NFTSwaps’ inclusion into the Blockchain Game Alliance will enable new partnerships with…

Locking $SWAP immediately after the SWAPS SOCKS snapshot, during an initial time window of one week, and will keep it locked till the NFTPAD platform launch, approximately one month from the snapshot time. You can only lock in multiple of 5,000 $SWAPS.

This program has begun and you can connect to Binance Smart Chain through Metamask to LOCK your $SWAPS using the link below 👇:

Min Lock: 5000 $SWAPS Max Lock: 15,000 $SWAPS

There are three 3 different whitelist allocations;

Tier 1: 5,000 $SWAPS Locked — 1 BNB Allocation.
Tier 2: 10,000 $SWAPS Locked — 2 BNB Allocation. …

Hello to the community!

We are excited to announce that the $SWAP token snapshot is now complete by 3:00 PM UTC! This post will outline the next steps and milestones — please read carefully.

Snapshot Block time: 6446390

Learn more About SWAPS SOCKS:

What just happened?

The $SWAPS snapshot was taken on, 3:00 PM, 04 April 2021.

This was a one-time, during which the snapshot of mainnet SWAPS token holdings was taken on a wallet-by-wallet basis.

Here is the list of addresses and their holdings:

There was a total of 183 Addresses that had more than 1000 $SWAPS excluding blacklisted addresses.

Circulating Supply of SWAPS SOCKS: 2297.

1897 circulating SWAPS SOCKS neglecting + 200 Admin SWAPS SOCKS + 200 SWAPS SOCKS for initial liquidity.


Make MEME & Telegram Sticker to win $1,000 in BNB and SWAPS.

Contest Brief:

1. To win this contest you will need to create graphics relating to NFTSwaps. These can be anything from MEMES to Telegram stickers.

2. Retweet the competition tweets:

3. Submit your entries to the Google forms on Twitter 👇:


2 winners will be chosen for the MEME competition, and 1 winner for the stickers competition.

First Place: $500

Second Place: $300

Third Place: $200

Date: 05/04/2021–15/04/2021

Our unofficial channel’s community will choose the 3 winners based on the originality, quality of the meme, and sense of humor.

Here is the png format of our logos 👇:

NFTSwaps Team…

NFTSwaps Team is pleased to announce our first partnership with Zero Utility (ZUT).

Zero Utility will be working with NFTSwaps Team to integrate and embed NFC chips in Physical SWAPS SOCKS. To get a SWAPS SOCKS with an embedded NFC shipped to you, you need to burn a SWAPS SOCKS NFT using the claim button on the SWAPS SOCKS Asset page.

Watch this video if you are interested in being among the SWAPS SOCKS initial minters: SWAPS SOCKS EXPLAINER

NFC technology allows users to store and access specific blockchain information on chips embedded into physical items.

ZUT is an NFT…


A Cross-chain and Permissionless Platform for swapping #NFT for better prices. Built on Join NFTSwaps Telegram Group ↪️

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