3/23/2021 — NFTSwaps Development Update 01.

  1. On Saturday, 20 March 2021 at 4:00 PM UTC, the NFTSwaps team commenced the $SWAPS Public community sale. We sold out in 3 secs. Public Sale token distribution was handled by DxSale as this was the LauchPad the Public sale was held.
  2. Less than 9 minutes, later the NFTSwaps team listed on Pancakeswap locking using DXSale contracts, locking 80% of Public Sale raised funds in liquidity for 6 months as announced.
  3. Locked Liquidity link: https://dxsale.app/app/pages/dxlockview?id=33&add=0&type=lpdefi&chain=BSC
  4. 300k $SWAPS token was distributed to some private seed salers a few minutes later, leaving out $300k SWAPS token for UniHax0rr 100 BNB contribution.
  5. Some additional minute after this, the team sent out 100k $SWAPS to UniHax0rr, the NFTSwaps team created 2 new addresses to escrow the investment of this anonymous crypto influencer and sent the remaining 200k $SWAPS to these new addresses. UniHax0rr made the NFTSwaps team believe the 100 BNB was from him and his community group, and after his statement in his community saying it was 100 BNB seed sale we raised not 200 BNB, the NFTSwaps team became suspicious that the contribution was for only him and decided to escrow his 300k $SWAPS tokens for 3 weeks. UniHax0rr decided to FUD realizing he could not dump the 300k $SWAPS immediately and we will address all his FUD cases.
  6. The designs of the 10 Rare SWAPS SOCKS have commenced.
  7. Worthy Apes group will get 1 RARE SWAPS Socks designed with their group logo to appreciate and thank them for the support.
  8. UI Designs are being redressed and contract and backend development of the platform has commenced.
  9. Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, and Blockfolio listing in the works, and the team is working on it.


  1. No dumping risk.
  2. Liquidity is Locked.
  3. Fudsters are out.
  4. Team is doxxed, available, cooperative and responsive.
  5. Development has commenced and still on schedule as promised.

Addressing UniHax0rr FUD Case.

UnHax0rr accused the NFTSwaps Cofounders of scamming RocknBlock.

RocknBlock initially did a work of $4500 for BEAR Games which was paid. On-demand for 2 new changes and for using R’N’B name on the Bear Games site, Bear Games agreed to the following:

1% — for using R’N’B name (not counting, since crowdsale failed);
+2% — for migrating and redeploying contracts on BSC (the job is done)
+2% — for the final touch (the was a number of refinements) — the job is done and it was charged $800.

Bear Games refused to pay $800 after the Bear Games sales failure because R’N’B initially removed their name from the Bear Games website before the Bear Games sale was over but this is now paid!

$800 x 2 payment link: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xd683aa00d01f65ca9db7e2c3cf795712f54e58549681697b3ce94cff276b4af7

UniHax0rr raised a seed sale for Bear Games, some of which on UniHax0rr approval and aid was used to pay some crypto influencers including UniHax0rr.

The NFTSwaps team agreed to pay him half (95 BNB) after NFTSwaps public sale and a half later, in fact, he encouraged that the NFTSwaps team can be public and there is no reason not to be doxxed because we are Africans.

95 BNB refund to UniHax0rr 👇:


UniHax0rr already dumped his 100k $SWAPS, Mar-20–2021 07:30:59 PM +UTC link below 👇:


NFTSwaps Team already burnt his Extra 200k $SWAPS tokens in the 2 new addresses as proof that he will never receive them👇:



NFTSwaps Team Conclusion:

UniHax0rr address and all associated addresses to UniHax0rr events that happened before NFTSwaps community sales will be blacklisted from receiving SWAPS SOCKS NFT to protect its price.

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