03/30/2021 — NFTSwaps Development Update 02.

The NFTSwaps team is happy to bring to you another Weekly Development(s) Update for you to digest. — 03/30/2021.

For NFTSwaps Designs and Software Development, a lot of progress has been made and we will discuss that first.

Platform Development Progress:

• UI and UX redress.
• Erc20 factory.
• Normal and Rare SWAPS SOCKS Designs.
• Most of SWAPS SOCKS NFT contracts written.
• Contracts interacting with Pancakeswap.
• Most of all frontend pages done.

Listing on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap, and some other listings are submitted for review, but not yet approved and it will probably take some time. For many of these applications, we have submitted severally and are trying to contact the admin or find out faster means.

Exchange and Wallets listing forms are being filled and we trying to make this a more efficient and fast operational process. A CEX listing is a priority

The date and time for the SWAPS SOCKS snapshot have been decided by the NFTSwaps team and will be attached to an infographics video about SWAPS SOCKS, we are posting the video right after this update.

We urge all community members who are interested in being among initial addresses to mint SWAPS SOCKS either in Batch 1 and Batch 2, should ensure they hold at least 1000 $SWAPS in their BSC addresses at the date and time of Snapshot.

The process for physical SWAPS SOCKS production has started, we tried to get a reliable source for quality production of our SWAPS SOCKS designs, and we are confident that production and shipping of Physical SWAPS SOCKS is very possible.

There is a great partnership announcement for tomorrow that might delay physical SWAPS SOCKS production a bit. This partnership will make the idea of burning SWAPS SOCKS NFTs for the Physical SWAPS SOCKS more fun and enticing.

$SWAPS liquidity and volume on Pancakeswap is doing good, fair, and at least very encouraging. Coming weeks the aim is to intensify marketing targeted at not just promoting the project and community but also growing $SWAPS volume, liquidity, and marketcap.

The NFTSwaps team officially thank all the Worthy Apes community for their support and advice. @nickabi and @wojackdegreate have being great and helpful, connecting us to other crypto teams and even more.


Looking Ahead;

The NFTswaps team is confident that our efforts are taking us in the right direction. If you have any suggestions, questions, or fun ideas please join our community! NFTSwaps Telegram: https://t.me/nftswaps_io

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